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about the art:

The newest body of work I have been creating,

came from the place deep within

where truly all things big and small are special.

In 2018 , I began painting & creating

after many, many years away.

From pallet knives, brushes, acrylics, gessos, canvas etc.

I created yet while the work seemed great they didn't feel unique.  

It wasn't before long I saw a routine pattern emerging in my studio process, 

I would mix paints, Produce pieces, clean up & begin again. 

As if a light itself illuminated the space,

that  warm & special spark deep within me


when I would notice the expelled paints,

the knife wipes,

the  general surface below the working canvas,

it was magical; stunning.

I began storing all this wasted trash and said there will be a time,

I will figure this out. 


The newest work to come from CaWoNo Studios

is  inspired by the leftovers,

the discarded & otherwise uninteresting details of life,

organized into beauty as I see it. 

I just can not abandon any material, I'm a very attached person. 

Each droplet, each swirled together moment,

to me,


These pieces are created on wood rounds in two sizes,

12 inch and 18 inch,

created with acrylic paint and finished in resin. 

I do hope you enjoy!

Rainbow kisses & hologram hugs

Suzi Marketa

Madame Lady Ryleigh Ryler
and Suz outside the studio

Photo by Mary Rust

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